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Shenzhen Core Image Co., Ltd

Address:Floor 3, No.1 Building Huafeng High-Tech Park, East Community, Songgang Street, Baoan Distrcit, Shenzhen, China 518105



Shenzhen Core Image Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Core Image Co., Ltd was founded in 2015, leading the industry in the field of imaging products, and entered the IoT field in 2018. Since its inception, Core Image has never stopped thinking and progress, has been pioneering and innovative.
Core Image has a professional R & D team, obtained 10 invention patents, 30 utility model patents, 9 appearance patents and 6 Copyrights. In 2020, it was rated as the Guangdong Professional, Sophisticated, Characteristic, and Innovative SMES and won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Songgang Street Industrial upgrading. Core Image is committed to strengthening the cooperation between enterprises, using strong research and development capabilities and highly adaptable collaboration ability, with customers to develop products, to provide customers with customized solutions, which also makes Core Image stand out from many manufacturers.